Classic, sophisticated, funky or contemporary jewelry.

My creations are one-of-a-kind.

All of my limited edition designs come to life in either my Southern California or North Georgia studios. Whether classic and sophisticated, or funky contemporary, each is meticulously handcrafted. I search the globe and personally select all of the materials, only the highest quality can meet my standards.

My search for materials is global.

I am always on the lookout for the newest materials to add to my burgeoning collection of semi-precious colored stones, freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, vintage crystals, sea glass, Czech press and fire polished, cubic zirconia, hand-made lampwork and dichroic glass, resin, and enamel. Often I even incorporate old parts ready for upcycling; I combine these elements with sterling silver, fine silver, 18k and 24kt vermeil, copper, brass and jewelers bronze, steel, silk, leather…

My environment is my design palette.

I am inspired by everything around me – from the coldness of hard concrete to the softness of a flower petal. Whether I’m taking a stroll down the street admiring the neighborhood gardens or driving cross-country watching fields, streams and cities go by,  the colors, shapes, designs, textures and patterns I see excite my senses and the designs seem to endless flow.

My goal is for you to feel wonderful!

I design each piece with a distinctive flair to set the wearer apart from the crowd.  Imagine you as the canvas and your jewelry the accessories that completes your picture. Each piece of jewelry that you chose is not only a piece of wearable art, but a piece of jewelry that makes a statement wherever it’s worn. At Bejeweled by Gina we help you create your own style that will reflect your uniqueness. I don’t design trendy, I create timeless!

Stones in every shape, size and color imaginable

Handmade jewelry is often created with different colored semi-precious gemstones. Available in every shape, size and color imaginable, each unique stone has a significant meaning. An important part of ancient history and folklore, many people still believe that certain stones carry unique powers or healing properties.

You never know, maybe it will bring about the love, success or luck you are seeking! Even if you are skeptical, it can be entertaining to discover the meaning behind various stones. With your next hand-made stone gift purchase, write out the meaning of the stone on a small card and include it in the gift box. Voilá, your creativity adds to the thoughtfulness of a long-treasured gift.

Pearls, the timeless, classic, and elegant gemstone

The oldest of U.S. gemstones, pearls are a favorite for many; they add a timeless, classic, elegance to any jewelry design. Because freshwater pearls are a natural material expect slight variations in size and appearance. Known for their unusual colors, interesting shapes and affordable prices, they have won the hearts of millions as they offer a fresh, ever-changing fashionable option.

Pearls absorb the surrounding colors due to their reflectiveness, from natural color to color enhanced, pearls offer something for everyone.

Metals are as old as human civilization

Jewelry artists have discovered the freedom of working with a variety of jewelry-making metals. Metals play a critical role in the creation of contemporary jewelry; they are as old as human civilization and their history in jewelry making can be traced back thousands of years.

Although the majority of jewelry is created using more popular and main-stream materials – precious metals: 999 fine silver, .925 sterling silver, silver-filled, 18 and 24kt gold, gold-filled, and base metals: nickel, copper, brass, and bronze – there is still a diversity of metals that continue to be used to create some truly unique pieces of jewelry.

Unique jewelry with mixed media

Creating custom, layered heirloom-styled, masterpieces using different elements forces the boundaries of design to produce a unique look.

These favorite funky elements – oxidized filigree, natural stones, leather, paper ephemera, rhinestone buttons, wires, metal, watch parts, lucite, found objects, and vintage finds – combined with resin, beads, cabochons, chain, and more, takes an unconventional approach to jewelry design and forces one to think outside of the box. By providing endless possibilities for texture and color combinations, this style of jewelry can be worn with practically anything.