Jewelry Care

Keep your jewelry looking new

DO wear sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry often! Believe it or not, this helps keep your jewelry looking new! An organic material, pearls need a little moisture to prevent cracking, so do wear your pearls at least once a month to prevent them from drying out.

DO NOT put on your jewelry in the morning UNTIL after you have dressed and used hair spray or perfume. These chemicals can leave a residue on your jewelry that can harm or dull silver, gold and gemstones. Always take your jewelry off at night before dressing to reduce any chances of snagging your clothing. I also highly recommend that you put on and take off each piece of jewelry slowly and carefully – some elements may be fragile and could break if pulled with intense force.

Avoid household cleaners

DO remove your jewelry before doing household chores, especially when washing dishes! Remember, some household cleaners contain chlorine bleach; these will cause discoloration of gemstone jewelry.

DO NOT wear your jewelry to bed, swimming, in the shower or washing dishes. Avoid wearing your jewelry around chlorinated pools, salt water, mineral springs, and suntan lotion. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairsprays, and deodorants. Jewelry should be worn after application of cosmetics.