Clairdee Testimonial for Bejeweled By Gina

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Wow! The jewelry is gorgeous and so is the website. I look forward to being personally bejeweled by Gina. Clairdee, San Francisco (CA)[su_spacer size=”10″]

The website is great!!! I am just in awe… Gina, your jewelry is unique and beautiful. The quality is absolutely outstanding! – Barbara M., Jacksonville (FL)

The website is beautiful. I signed up for the newsletter and when I get some $$$, I know just where to spend it. Good luck with it all!!!! – Laura F., Los Angeles (CA)[/two_thirds_last]
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I love, love, love Gina’s jewelry! Gina made all of the jewelry for my bridal party. Thank you for making my bridesmaids beautiful. Your talent is unquestionable. Her pieces are sophisticated, detailed and beautiful. She also really has an eye for trends. My girls absolutely loved their gifts. I loved them so much that I requested a duplicate of one of the pieces for myself!” – Kamilah G-M., Atlanta (GA)  

The jewelry that Gina has designed for me are unique works of art. Recently, I wore one of her necklaces for a publicity photo; I received as many calls commenting on my necklace as I did congratulating me. Gina is now the only one I call to create my jewelry. I’ve got my eye on a few pieces, I’d better hurry and make a purchase, I know how fast your one-of-a-kind be-jeweled items sell. – Norma T., Montreal (Canada)/ Chicago (IL)

Having worked in the jewelry industry for several years, first making jewelry at the workbench in New York later managing the diamond and fine jewelry collection at Tiffany & Co. in Beverly Hills. I have had the pleasure to see many rare and beautiful pieces in my work, and I am very excited to see how Gina is incorporating materials, colors, and design into her new collection “Bejeweled by Gina.” Few collections I have seen feature such a variety of beautiful and unusual pearls and colored gemstones, such as, plum jade, druzy chalcedony, ice water blue Czech crystals, pineapple quartz, and rutilated black-line jasper to name a few. 
Each piece is hand-crafted and designed to feature the gemstone’s unique color, shape, and energy, thus creating not just a stunning accessory to wear but a masterpiece to cherish. – Brian K., Sherman Oaks (CA)

Got the earrings today, and they are even more beautiful than on the website. They’re wonderfully elegant and lightweight. As I’d hoped, the smokey grey quartz is a great accent to my salt and pepper hair (which gets more grey every day) and the gold adds a definite pizzaz and sparkle. I’ve actually never purchased accessories or clothing online before — I’m big for trying things on before I buy them — but these seem to have been made for me. I’m planning to attend a concert and a play this weekend, and will definitely be sporting my new “bejewels” at both events. Thanks again…and I look forward to my next purchase. 
– Janice L., Los Angeles (CA)[/one_half_last][su_spacer size=”40″]