August 29, 2016

Bejeweled by Gina: The Recovery… and the Relaunch!

Let me begin by saying I am NOT a writer. This is my first blog attempt, so please be patience, bear with me as I start at the beginning of my story – really my new start!

After a few years’ absence – a major health crisis… and my Mom’s sudden death in January 2014 – I am finally back at my jeweler’s bench designing and creating new jewelry for the nine collections of my Bejeweled by Gina brand.

My new shop, Bejeweled by Gina Boutique , is a complete and total reinvention – now you can shop immediately! I hope you like the new look and easy of navigation of the shop pages.

The website, Bejeweled by Gina, has been reviewed and updated and offers info about the Collections, the jewelry, information on how to care for your jewelry, about me, and more!

You may task, “Why did I relaunch my business?” The answer is simple, but not! My Mom had been the inspiration behind the brand. She was my silent partner, and once she was no longer my inspiration – combined with four years of undiagnosed illness and several hospitalizations – I needed to recover, regroup, plan for the future, and get back to work! When I couldn’t hear my Mom’s encouranging voice, I was lost. After a diagnosis of Vasculitis, I awoke – literally! – with a new passion for life, and again I heard my Mom’s passionate voice tellling me to move on.

Finally, in 2014 a diagnosis – and a brain biopsy – the outcome was not one I expected, but at least I has answers! I suffer, and survived, CNS Vasculitis, a wicked, sneaky disease… no known cause and no cure. Vasculitis is thought to be an autoimmune disease, which means the body comes under attack by its own immune system. In vasculitis, the immune system attacks blood vessels. In my case it attached and affected my brain! Fortunately, after a slow recovery and with current treatments, the outcome for me with is so far good.

After many, many months of thinking I’d never be me again. I had lost the ability to communicate, comprehend, walk without assistance, taste most of my favorite foods, suffered with terrible aches, pains, tremors, and was completely drained of energy…

While I have never video-documented my story, the beginning of this one from Chelsey-Ann Fernandez Lawrence is very close to my own:

This is my story. I am in remission and recovering, without lots of help and support, I would not be here to create my jewelry and tell my story.

Thanks to: my wonderful husband, inspiration from my Mom, the help of my close friends and great neighbors, my fantastic rheumatologist, and the neurologist and the neurosurgeon at Huntington Memorial’s Emergency Room who identified and aided in my diagnosis and treatment along with the wonderful caring nurses and hospital staff, I am almost as good as new.

I’m alive… and very, very thankful!

Love to all that hung in there with me and to all of my new friends, fans and admirers of my art.

Celebrating the joy that is my life,


P.s. Feel free to contact me anytime, I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.